Music Production

Various music productions I’ve worked on

I’m an imaginative and focused composer, dedicated to achieving perfection in my craft. I work as a multi-instrumentalist and welcome the opportunity to respond to any brief, however challenging.

My totally self-contained, high-spec home studio gives me instant access to a vast palette of sounds, enabling a fast turnaround of ideas.

I have the ability to perceive exactly how music can be used to establish/enhance the mood and atmosphere of a production, and this is backed up by the technical skills and experience to deliver a broadcast-quality product.

My vast experience includes:

Recording sessions on various projects with acclaimed record producers :

Tony Visconti, Colin Thurston, Peter Collins, Steve Levine, Nicky Graham.

I have worked extensively as in-house producer/engineer at Rich Bitch Recording Studios (Birmingham) with artists as diverse as Tony Christie, Ruby Turner, Alvin Stardust, Jason Bonham, The Prodigy and Pop Will Eat Itself.

Alvin Stardust ‘I Feel Like Alvin Stardust’ – Producer / Bass guitar / Keyboards / Vocals

Alvin Stardust ‘Candy’ (single written by Alan Tarney). Steve Wilson – Production / Bass Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals

Jason Bonham ‘When You See The Sun’ – Drum & guitar recording sessions

The Prodigy and Pop Will Eat Itself (the song ‘Their Law’ from the album ‘Music for the Jilted Generation’) – Recording session for guitars & vocals

Beverley Callard ‘Lasting Results’ DVD (Banana Split Productions) Featuring 19 songs written by Steve Wilson / John Mainwaring- Production and Music by Steve Wilson.